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              Collect data through email, from your website, through a curated panel or even in-person. Qualtrics has a variety of ways to start gathering the answers you need.


              With our new predictive intelligence engine you can analyze open text to identify key themes and emerging issues or automatically correlate your data to find drivers of satisfaction with a single click.


              Create, share, and collaborate on custom online reports that automatically update in real-time, so the right people are getting the right information.

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              “The software is very user-friendly and versatile. The new platform makes it even easier than it was when we started using it.”

              KAREN HANSHAW
              University of Arizona

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              “Great functionality and ease of use at a reasonable price.”

              BEN LAWDER
              Vice President, ADP

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              “Even for someone with very little experience using this kind of software, Qualtrics makes it easy to design and distribute incredibly awesome surveys.”

              AMY COOK
              Higher Education

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