Each year, five awards will
              be given on the mainstage at X4

              XM Breakthrough Artist
              Brands practicing experience management to fundamentally improve their business

              CX Breakthrough Artist
              Delighting customers to deliver breakthrough results

              BX Breakthrough Artist
              Using X-data to energize your brand

              EX Breakthrough Artist
              Dramatically improving the employee experience

              PX Breakthrough Artist
              Brands using XM to deliver products people love

              2019 Winners

              2020 Timeline

              ENTRY PERIOD

              Oct. 2019 – Jan. 2020


              January 10, 2020

              WINNERS NOTIFIED

              February 03, 2020

              AWARDS PRESENTED

              March 12, 2020
              X4 Mainstage in SLC

              Submit your application

              Enter for this year’s award by submitting a brief application online. Winners are selected by a committee composed of Qualtrics leadership and employees.

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